New Til Luchau Webinar Available For Free March 14-16

The new ABMP webinar “Myofascial Techniques: Scalenes and the Neck” with Til Luchau will be available to the entire massage and bodywork profession for free from March 14–16. ABMP members will be able to earn free CE hours by completing a short quiz after viewing the webinar.
The webinar is available in the new ABMP Education Center at, and massage and bodywork professionals who are not already part of the largest association in the profession can simply register online for access to watch the featured webinar, one of the 100+ available on demand to ABMP members.
In “Myofascial Techniques: Scalenes and the Neck,” popular presenter Til Luchau demonstrates several effective hands-on myofascial techniques for the scalenes, cervical facet joints, and other key structures of the deep neck, and walks viewers through part of the soon-to-be-released second volume of his best-selling textbook Advanced Myofascial Techniques. The accompanying Scalenes ebook is available for those who want more in-depth information at
ABMP will be regularly featuring webinars that are accessible to anyone who would like to watch, while free CE hours will be reserved for ABMP members. The next upcoming featured webinar, “Hands Free Therapies” with Heath and Nicole Reed from March 28–30, is currently available on demand to ABMP members at