Important COVID-19 Statement from FSMTB regarding Pearson VUE Closure and MBLEx for Massage Therapists

Following is a statement from FSMTB on Pearson VUE closures and the MBLEx.

Dear MBLEx applicants and candidates—

As you are well aware, navigating a world with COVID-19 is new for all of us and is subject to daily and sometimes hourly changes as we escalate measures to protect health and safety.

Many massage schools across the country have closed for an undetermined amount of time or are figuring out how to continue with distance education. Many licensed massage therapists have stopped all client contact. State licensing boards are working under new circumstances such as employee travel restrictions, increased sanitation inspections, and enacting temporary regulations for the national emergency response. In the latest major development impacting the massage community, Pearson VUE, our partner that delivers the MBLEx, has closed all test centers effective immediately.

Here’s what FSMTB can tell you at this moment regarding the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination:

  • Since nobody can test, the FSMTB has stopped issuing authorizations to test (ATT).
  • When test centers reopen, FSMTB will resume issuing authorizations to test (ATT).
  • When test centers reopen, candidates who were already authorized to test will receive new authorizations with another 90-days to schedule their appointment.
  • No fees will be incurred for any rescheduling.
  • The MBLEx fee increase will NOT be implemented on April 1, 2020. The cost of the MBLEx is $195 until further notice.

Here’s what you can do:

  • If you have not yet applied to take the MBLEx – we recommend that you wait.
  • If you have applied to take the MBLEx and you have not received an authorization to test – no action is necessary at this time. FSMTB has processed your application but will not issue any authorizations to test until test centers open up again.
  • If you have applied to take the MBLEx and you have been authorized to test but you have not yet made your appointment to test – no action is necessary at this time. Once test centers open up again, FSMTB will issue you a new authorization to test giving you a new 90-day window to schedule your appointment.
  • If you have applied to take the MBLEx and you have made an appointment to take the test - no action is necessary at this time. Pearson VUE has canceled or will cancel your appointment. Once test centers open up again, FSMTB will issue you a new authorization to test giving you a new 90-day window to schedule your appointment.

Other Services:

The MBLEx Study Guide is still available. This could be a good time to prepare for the exam and keep your knowledge fresh. Go to

The MBLEx Check online practice exam is available through the Regulatory Education and Competence Hub (REACH). Go to

Online courses, such as Cultural Competence courses, required by some states for license renewal, are available through REACH. Go to

The staff at FSMTB in the Kansas City and the Nashville offices are working diligently to keep providing services as much as possible as circumstances allow. We are preparing to work remotely and so just as before, email is likely going to be the best way to reach us.

None of us knows how long the isolations and temporary measures will be needed or how long the closures will last. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to support you and do our part to slow the pandemic. We know you are eager to become licensed massage and bodywork professionals – and when this is over, more than ever, your services will be needed!

To keep up to date as more information becomes available, please follow FSMTB on Facebook and Twitter.



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