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Washington May Adopt Health Equity Continuing Education Requirements


The Washington Board of Massage (Board), in coordination with the Department of Health (DOH), must adopt health equity continuing education (CE) rules. The Board is also discussing whether additional hours and course topics should be considered.

Why Health Equity CE?
By January 1, 2024, every health profession under RCW 18.130.040 with a CE requirement must adopt rules that require proof of health equity CE training at least once every four years. Massage therapy is included as a health profession under RCW 18.130.040. Therefore, the Board must determine how it will adopt the training.

The goal of health equity CE training is to provide health-care workers with skills to recognize and reduce health inequities. Health equity training content includes instruction on how to address bias, racism, and poverty.

How Can I Learn More?
You can participate in the rule-drafting process at the upcoming Board meeting on January 6, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. PST. Register to attend the meeting virtually or attend in person at:

Capital Event Center
ESD 113, Room Chehalis B
6005 Tyee Dr. SW
Tumwater, WA, 98512

At the meeting, the Board will decide:

  1. If it wants to adopt the health equity CE rules created by the DOH or develop its own
  2. The number of CE hours it will require of massage therapists

Contact Megan Maxey at if you want to participate in the rule-making or have further questions.