Washington Increases Massage Therapy Training Hours to 625

The Washington Board of Massage revised the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) in August 2020. The rules have finally made it through the state rulemaking process and are now final. The new rules are effective September 1, 2021. View the rules here.
One of the biggest changes affects the Education and Training section (WAC 246-830-430). The new rules increase the minimum number of education and training hours from 500 to 625 hours. Due to the increase in hours, the rules significantly alter the number of hours designated to each subject area, detailed below:

  • 90 hours of anatomy and physiology (formerly 90 hours—remains the same)
  • 60 hours of kinesiology (formerly 40 hours)
  • 70 hours of pathology (formerly 50 hours)
  • 260 hours of theory, principles, and practice of massage (formerly 265)
  • 50 hours of mandatory student clinic (new subject area)
  • 55 hours of clinical/business practices (formerly 55 hours—remains the same)
  • 40 hours of professional ethics (new subject area)

The rules become effective September 1, 2021. While the new rules also amend existing sections and create new ones, this is the information schools need to know to revise their curriculum in time to meet the 625 hours requirement before September. A follow-up email will be sent soon detailing the other changes made to the WAC.

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