Washington Extends Continuing Education Policy and Adopts New Massage Therapy Rules

Extended CE Policy
On May 7, 2021, the Washington Board of Massage (Board) met to discuss the ongoing difficulty in obtaining hands-on continuing education (CE) during COVID-19. Policy Number BOM 20-01.1 addressed the impact of completing CE requirements, and pushed the date back for massage therapists to meet CE requirements until June 30, 2021.
The Board voted to further extend this date with Policy Number BOM 20-01.2. This policy is effective July 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021, or until the state of emergency is rescinded, whichever is later. The policy will be re-evaluated at the November 2021 Board meeting. If you have questions about the policy, email Megan Maxey at megan.maxey@doh.wa.gov.
New Massage Therapy Rules
The Washington Board of Massage revised the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) in August 2020. The rules have finally made it through the state rulemaking process and are now final. The new rules are effective September 1, 2021.

The rules amend existing sections (including definitions), the out-of-state application process, transfer programs, approval of schools, training hours, faculty, continuing education, standards of practice, and recordkeeping. They also create a new section for massage of the gluteal cleft and perineum. View the new rules here.
ABMP has summarized the rule changes and you can view them here.

If you have questions or concerns, email us at gr@abmp.com.