Washington COVID-19 Update—PPE Supplies Available from the State

Washington’s personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpile is available to help support state agencies, counties, and other partners to meet COVID-19 PPE requests through October 31, 2021.

Health-care providers—including long-term services and supports providers, such as adult family homes, supported living agencies, home care agencies, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing facilities—and businesses are encouraged to order PPE to help return the state’s PPE stockpile back to pre-COVID levels before it expires. You can request PPE through your county emergency managers.

How to order PPE before October 31:

  1. Contact your local county emergency management agency to determine how orders should be placed with them. They can answer questions about required forms and ordering processes.
  2. Complete required forms/ordering processes provided from the local emergency management.
  3. If local emergency management can fill your request from their supply, they will let you know how that process will be completed.
  4. If local emergency management cannot fill your request, they will send the request to the state for fulfillment.

After October 31, 2021, PPE availability from the state’s stockpile and the ordering process will change. These future processes are currently under development.

For more information, visit the Department of Health PPE website.