Pennsylvania Board of Massage Therapy Seeks Three New Members

The Pennsylvania State Board of Massage Therapy (the Board) is seeking applicants to serve a term on the Board. The Board consists of 11 members—nine are LMTs and two are members of the public. Three Board vacancies for licensed massage therapists need to be filled by April 9, 2021.   

LMT candidates must be residents of Pennsylvania for at least five years and have been practicing massage therapy for at least five consecutive years prior to submitting their application. In addition, no more than one individual can be an owner of a massage therapy school. If elected, Board members agree to serve a four-year term.

The purpose of the Board is to regulate and license individuals providing massage therapy services, ensuring the highest degree of professional care and conduct on the part of massage therapists, and to safeguard the public from unqualified persons. The Board’s duties and responsibilities include assessing an applicant’s qualifications for licensure; administering examinations; denying, approving, issuing, renewing, and suspending licenses; conducting complaint hearings and determining final resolutions; submitting budget reports; and creating rules and standards. The Board meets at least four times a year.

Board members are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the senate. Those interested in serving on the Board must write a letter stating your interest and include a bio about yourself and your credentials. Interested applicants are also encouraged to contact their local state senator to obtain a letter of support. You can find your senator’s contact information at Send your completed application to:

Governor’s Office of Public Liaison
Attn: Deputy Director of Boards and Commissions
508 Main Capitol
Harrisburg, PA 17120

If you have questions or concerns, email us at