Oklahoma Senate Bill 100 and House Bill 2117

The Oklahoma Advisory Massage Therapy Board worked over the past year to update the Massage Practice Act. A committee was formed to draft new legislation that would open grandfathering for those who didn't meet the licensing window when licensing was in effect a few years ago and update some language. The bill draft also creates establishment licensing in Oklahoma, which would require statewide establishment licensing for brick and mortar establishments, not mobile or out-call. The Draft Language can be found here.  

There is some confusion about the bill. The bill language found on the Oklahoma Legislative Website at SB 100 and HB 2117 is placeholder language using last year's bill. This is not the final version. The bill had to be prefiled and the language cannot be changed until after the legislature is in session. It is our understanding that Senator Bergstrom will be adding amendments once it is read in committee. It will be read in the Tourism and Commerce committee in the next few weeks. We will let you know when the hearing is scheduled.

Please let us know if you have concerns or questions about the draft language or process by emailing us at gr@abmp.com.