New York Implements Indoor Mask Mandate or Proof of Vaccination Requirement—December 2021 COVID-19 Update

Governor Hochul announced on December 10, 2021, that masks are required in all indoor public places unless businesses or venues implement a vaccine requirement that requires proof of vaccination as a condition of entry.

A business or venue must choose whether it will implement a full-course vaccine requirement or a mask requirement. Whichever requirement the business or venue selects, it must apply to all within, including staff, patrons, visitors, and guests. A business or venue cannot elect to do a combination requirement.

Businesses providing personal care services that require customers to remove their face mask, such as facials, beard trims, face waxing, etc., may allow clients to briefly remove their face mask while receiving a service so long as the client wears a face mask before and after the service and while inside the facility. The employee performing these services must wear a face mask at all times. Clients receiving services that do not require removing a mask must wear a mask at all times, unless the business implements the proof of vaccination requirement.

This measure is effective December 13, 2021, through January 15, 2022, and will be reassessed at that time.

Proof of vaccination poster
Mask required poster