Mississippi Senate Bill 2751 Proposes Establishment Registration for Massage Therapists

Mississippi Senate Bill 2751 would add establishment registration requirements to the Massage Practice Act. All licensed massage therapists would be required to register their business with the state. Establishments will have to prove that only licensed massage therapists work at the facility, provide owner information, and prominently display their massage therapy licenses. There are fines if these rules are not followed. The Board would have authority to create rules around the establishment registry. It does not appear there is a registration fee, but that may come out in the rules if the bill passes.

The bill is currently in the Senate and has gone through committee already. Second and third reading in the Senate are needed before this goes to the House. We urge you to submit your comments and thoughts by emailing your Senators and then your Representatives. Find your state Senators here and Representatives here. We suggest emailing both your Senators and Representatives, as if this passes out of the Senate, it will go to the House. We encourage you to use this easy-to-follow advocacy email template courtesy of ABMP to voice your opinion.

If you have questions or concerns, email us at gr@abmp.com.