Massachusetts Facility/Establishment Licensure

The regulations for Facility licensure are now in effect. Locations offering massage in the Commonwealth are required to have a current Massage Establishment License. Penalties of up to $1,000 can be assigned for the first violation, so do not delay in submitting your application. The application can be found at: A practitioner in private practice at one location will have to complete the form and send a $50 fee. A massage establishment or facility at one location where more than one massage therapist practices will have to complete the form, appoint a Compliance Officer, develop a compliance plan, and submit both with a $150 fee to the board. ABMP suggests you thoroughly read the rules and regulations regarding this new regulation as it can affect where and how you run your massage therapy practice. The Massage Therapy Establishment license is not required for the following:
  1. Any healthcare facility licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health;
  2. Locations at which massage therapy services are rendered only an occasional or outcall (both terms are defined in the rules and regulations) basis;
  3. Board approved continuing education programs;
  4. Locations at which chair massage is exclusively done;
  5. Locations at which massage therapy is offered for not more than twenty-four hours in a one-week period every six months at a public or charitable event with a primary purpose unrelated to massage.
Please direct questions to the Board of Registration of Massage Therapy. E-mail: Phone: 617-727-1747