Maryland Implicit Bias Training Resources

Maryland massage therapists must complete implicit bias training by October 31, 2022, to fulfill their continuing education requirements as outlined in House Bill 28 (HB 28), which was signed into law in 2021.

What is Implicit Bias?
HB 28 defines implicit bias as:

“A bias in judgment that results from subtle cognitive processes, including the following prejudices and stereotypes that often operate at a level below conscious awareness and without control:

  1. Prejudicial negative feelings or beliefs about a group that an individual holds without being aware of the feelings or beliefs
  2. Unconscious attributions of particular qualities to a member of a special social group that are influenced by experience and based on learned associations between various qualities and social categories, including race and gender”

Where Can I Receive Implicit Bias Training?
The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) provided licensees a comprehensive list of approved implicit bias training resources found here (scroll halfway down the page). The MDH encourages massage therapists to double-check that the selected course clearly addresses implicit bias. If you’re uncertain, reach out to the MDH office for guidance at