UPDATE: Illinois Personal Care Services Guidelines Amended

Personal Care Services Guidelines issued by the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity were recently updated. 

Face Masks for Client Services 

The guidelines now allow services to be performed without masks on the client, when appropriate, so long as the practitioner is wearing a mask and a face shield. Per the guidelines:

"In Phase III, services for personal care should be limited to:

Services which can be performed while customer and employee 
are wearing a face covering over their nose and mouth. 

If services require customer to remove his or her mask, 
employee must wear both a face mask and eye protection 
(e.g., face shield, protective glasses)"

This applies to services provided by hair salons; hair braiders; barbershops; nail salons; spas; massage therapy establishments; waxing centers; and schools of barber, cosmetology, esthetics, hair braiding, and nail technology. 

Time Restrictions Lifted 

Initially, the guidelines included a 30-minute limit on massage and body treatment services (body wraps, scrubs, etc.) The updated guidelines have removed this time restriction. 

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