Georgia Bill Updates Human Trafficking Laws

Senate Bill 370 (SB 370) was enacted in late April to help prevent human trafficking at businesses and implement license display obligations.

Human Trafficking Signs
Massage establishments must post a notice in English and Spanish with human trafficking hotline information in each public restroom. A notice must also be posted near the establishment’s public entrance or a location where the sign is visible to clients and employees. You can download a copy of the Human Trafficking Notice here.

Board Member Education
Each member of the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy (Board) must complete at least one 30-minute training annually in human trafficking awareness and prevention. Members must provide proof of training to the chairperson of the Board.

License and Photograph Display
Massage therapists must display a 2” x 2” photograph of themselves, taken within the last two years, and a copy of their license at each location they practice.