Senate Bill 219, sponsored by Senator Chris Romer, has been introduced in the Colorado General Assembly. The bill has been assigned to the Business, Labor and Technology Committee. If passed, SB 219 would establish a Massage Therapy Practice Act under the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Registrations. Licenses would be required of all massage therapists. If the bill does pass, massage therapists will be impacted as follows: For a period of one year after applications become available, SB 219 would allow existing practitioners to qualify for a license under the grandfathering provision by having met one of the following:
  • Holding a current license from one of the municipalities in Colorado that currently regulates massage therapists;
  • Being a current member in good standing of a professional massage and bodywork association (such as ABMP);
  • Completion of a minimum 500 hour massage therapy program.
After the grandfathering period expires, all applicants would have to complete a massage therapy program consisting of a minimum 500 hours and pass an entry-level competency exam approved by the Director of the Division of Registrations. The state licensing of massage therapists would pre-empt local licensing of massage therapists currently required by municipalities. A single state license would be required to practice anywhere in Colorado. Professions exempt from obtaining a massage therapy license under this bill, as long as the practitioner does not practice or advertise massage services, include: Reflexologists, Asian Bodywork, Polarity, Trager, Structural Integrators, and Feldenkrais practitioners. To view the entire bill, go to: 5F581BA496EF08ED8725740C0051BFED?Open&file=219_01.pdf There is a long process to navigate before a bill becomes a law. ABMP will keep members informed as the bill progresses. Contact Jean Robinson with questions at An initial hearing on the bill is scheduled in the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee on Monday, April 14 at 1:30 pm in Senate Committee Room 353.