In addition to SB 219, which requires the state registration of massage therapists, two other bills affecting massage therapists also passed the legislature and were signed into law by Governor Ritter. SB 011 Originally introduced to provide compensation for trauma care for persons injured in motor vehicle accidents in Colorado, the bill was significantly amended late in the legislative process. In its final form, the bill requires that all Colorado drivers purchase $5,000 of medical payment coverage unless they choose to opt out of that coverage. The law stipulates that $3,000 will be reserved for payment of trauma care. If the money is not used for trauma care within 30 days, the funds may be used to pay for any other claims for reimbursement submitted by other providers (including massage therapists). The law goes into effect 01/01/09. HB 1042 Exemption from the Colorado Veterinary Practice Act for trained animal massage practitioners. Effective 01/01/10, a person may perform animal massage therapy if he or she has earned a degree or certificate in animal massage from a school approved by the Private Occupational School Division of the Colorado Department of Education or an out-of-state school recognized by the United States Department of Education. The bill does not specify the amount of training hours required. We will post additional information when we have it.