Arkansas Changes Massage Law

HB 1951 was signed into law by Governor Beebe on April 13, 2009. The bill amends the existing massage therapy law and seats new board members to the Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy to oversee implementation. Two changes to the scope of practice of massage therapists should be noted:
  1. Massage of the anus or genital area of another person is prohibited by law and will result in the board revoking the massage therapist’s license to practice, and
  2. In order to provide breast massage, a massage therapist must demonstrate that he or she has completed at least 48 hours of continuing education in lymphatic massage, myofascial massage, or oncology massage. If the massage therapist does not have the required training, his or her license will be revoked for three years.
There are six open seats on the new board. If you are interested in being appointed as a new member of the Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy, fill out the online application at The governor is interested in appointing people who have not previously served on the board. This is a great opportunity to apply for a position if you’ve ever considered gaining this type of experience. To read the entire law go to