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Rob Meyer-Kukan: Teaching Others to Hear, See, and Feel True Wellness



Rob Meyer-Kukan Massage Is for EveryBody Week 2022

By Lisa Bakewell

Rob Meyer-Kukan was one of the winners of ABMP’s Massage is for EveryBody 2022 contest, and we wanted to share more of his story, which exemplifies the inclusive values of this campaign. Please join us in celebrating Rob!

“It is from an early experience that I now realize the role sound, vibration, and frequency played in my life,” says Rob Meyer-Kukan, owner of 7 Notes Natural Health in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “And today it is my work and passion, by way of massage, sound therapy, color therapy, and more.

“As I explore and learn more about the healing arts, the more I realize the very basic principle that everything comes down to vibration and frequency. We are all beings vibrating at individual frequencies, and all things are made up of frequency.”

Meyer-Kukan says he frequently shares a story about sitting in front of the family stereo as a small child. “I used to listen to the Detroit classical music station,” he says. “As I listened, I would adjust the treble and bass sliders up and down—and the same with the balance left and right.  My mom came in one day and said, ‘Robbie, you’re driving me crazy.  Stop it!’ To which I replied, ‘But Mom, I’m conducting the orchestra.’ She smiled and encouraged me to carry on.”

When he started his business under the Healthy Musician Institute name in 2015, Meyer-Kukan focused on working with performing artists with repetitive strain injuries. After several years of practice, he decided to widen his scope of practice—but he also wanted to continue to pay homage to his musical background. “I have a bachelor’s degree in church music,” Meyer-Kukan says. “I have been a piano teacher for 29 years, and I served churches and schools in southeast Michigan for 21 years.”

Having also been drawn to the image of a seven-point star for a good portion of his life, Meyer-Kukan liked to play around with the concept of “7 Points of Wellness” when he considered renaming his business as the focus of his practice shifted. “I am currently studying to be a naturopath,” he says, “and in a study session, one of my classmates helped me brainstorm 7 Notes Natural Health,” he says.

“The entire group loved it, and our mentor further exclaimed, ‘Just like the seven main body systems, seven chakras, seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven layers of the etheric body, etc.’ And there are seven notes in the musical scale as well,” Meyer-Kukan adds, again hearkening back to his musical beginnings.

Today, Meyer-Kukan’s scope is focused on helping others “hear, see, and feel true wellness.” To that point, his expanding list of holistic offerings include massage therapy, sound therapy, color therapy, reiki, reflexology, infrared sauna, individual natural health consultations, as well as larger group sessions, where he holds classes, workshops, and sound baths—all healing events.

Two healing events offered by 7 Notes Natural Health include Healing for the Healer and a teacher appreciation event that coincides with Teacher Appreciation Week. “Healing for the Healer is one of two ‘giving back’ events we offer in the year,” Meyer-Kukan says. It's held in the fall for healers of all kinds, including medical professionals, mental health professionals, massage professionals, and others. In the spring, the teacher-appreciation event is held during the first full week in May (around Teacher Appreciation Week) for educators including teachers, paraprofessionals, office staff, etc.—really, anyone working in education.

“Both events offer ‘mini sessions’ (30 minutes) of chair massage, sound healing, and reiki, a group yoga class, and time for informal conversation/connection,” Meyer-Kukan says. And both events are free to these communities. “We really hope for those who attend to feel loved, cared for, and seen. My goal for my business is to keep bringing holistic options to help the community to calm nervous systems, to relax, and to heal by way of massage therapy, sound therapy, reiki, reflexology, and more,” he says.

“I am working to complete my PhD in naturopathy. As this phase of education culminates for me, I look forward to offering more natural health options. As we transition from the time of COVID, I have a dream of a full schedule of weekly events/classes, including tai chi, drum circle, meditation, yoga, and more, in addition to our one-on-one session offerings.”

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