New CE Course: Massage & Bodywork Magazine March-April 2023

Massage & Bodywork Magazine March-April 2023 CE

The newest Massage & Bodywork magazine CE course “2023, Issue 2: Massage & Bodywork Magazine March-April 2023” is now available in the ABMP Education Center to read and earn 3 CE hours.  

Massage & Bodywork magazine is a thought leader in the field of massage therapy and is distributed broadly—both directly to members of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, and also to the entire field through its free digital edition. With each issue, M&B readers are exposed to a variety of pertinent and timely information affecting not only their practice, but the profession as a whole. From specific hands-on techniques to recent research on touch therapies, to practice- and business-building ideas, Massage & Bodywork offers readers vetted, informed material that ties directly back to a practitioner’s hands-on work. The ABMP Massage & Bodywork magazine CE courses allow learners to earn CE credit by reading the issue and passing an online quiz.  

In this issue and CE course, we take a deep look at types of skin cancer a practitioner might see on their clients, how these cancers might present on clients’ skin, and how to discuss any observations an MT might see during a session without stepping outside scope of practice. This issue also includes information on the placebo effect, how to tailor your lubricants to your clients, a philosophical look at the femur, the importance of financial savings for MTs, a conversation about tensegrity and biotensegrity, a deep dive into the fascia lata, and exploring treatments for plantar foot pain.  

The March-April 2023 issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine features contributions from various authors, including Laura Allen, Cal Cates, Rachelle Clauson, Erik Dalton, Dianna Dapkins, Allison Denney, Allissa Haines, Jed Heneberry, David Lauterstein, David Lesondak, Mark Liskey, Whitney Lowe, Til Luchau, Douglas Nelson, Heath and Nicole Reed, Michael Reynolds, Jeff Rockwell, Nicole Trombley, Ruth Werner, and Cindy Williams. 

The ABMP Education Center, where ABMP members earn free CE, is home to 750+ online massage and bodywork CE hours. These on-demand courses are available for nonmembers to purchase as individual courses or in discounted multi-course packages. 


CE Course: “Skin Cancer: Beyond the Basics” with Ruth Werner  



Minnesota Introduces Licensing Bills for Massage and Asian Bodywork Therapies

Serve the best interest of your profession and the public while ensuring ongoing competence and high standards of practice. How? Support licensing efforts in Minnesota! Write a letter to your elected officials, sharing why licensure is an important and necessary step to advance the massage therapy industry.

ABMP Advocates to Protect the Autonomy of the Arizona Massage Board

ABMP submitted written commentary to the Arizona legislature regarding House BIll 2169, which would merge the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy with the Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Board. We are opposed to this legislation and invite you to read our comments and write to your elected officials.



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