Earthlite Massage Tables Built to Suit Massage Therapists' Needs

Earthlite Massage Tables

The following blog post is sponsored by Earthlite.

How would you describe the Earthlite brand? Earthlite is an incredible brand. Our massage tables, chairs, accessories, and supplies are truly top-notch, and have earned us a reputation as a leader in the industry. We offer an extensive range of tables, including stationary, portable, and electric models, to cater to the needs and preferences of a variety of practitioners. Earthlite doesn’t stop at tables and chairs—we also offer a full range of accessories to complement equipment, including face cradles, bolsters, sheets, hot towel cabinets, and more. The attention to detail and customer satisfaction is one of the many reasons Earthlite is a name that is synonymous with quality and excellence in the massage and wellness industry. 

What makes Earthlite the world’s No. 1 brand for massage tables and supplies? The Earthlite brand is the No. 1 choice for massage therapists. All our tables are ergonomically designed to fit various body types and heights, and they offer plush foam padding to ensure the comfort of your clientele. Each massage table is sturdy, durable, and hand-crafted with only the finest earth-friendly materials. Choose from a variety of options, colors, materials, accessories, and massage-table packages to suit your needs.

Tell us about the pride Earthlite takes in the sustainability and craftsmanship of your products. Our craftsmanship is an essential part of our commitment, as it ensures that every product is made with attention to detail and a dedication to excellence. We are committed to using environmentally friendly materials and processes whenever possible, and we continue to recycle and minimize waste and VOCs in our productions. Earthlite’s extensive carbon-offset program is designed to ensure our company’s zero carbon footprint. 

What’s on the horizon for Earthlite? Earthlite is a forward-thinking and innovative brand that is committed to delivering high-quality products and sustainable solutions. Be on the lookout for new and exciting treatment table options and newly developed accessories in the coming months. We have been exploring new technologies that will improve the wellness experience for both therapists and clients. 

Can you tell us about Earthlite’s Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table? The Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table is by far the most popular lift table in the market; it offers a lifetime of use at an affordable price. This heavy-duty, ADA-compliant table features a solid steel frame with a reliable motor that holds up to 600 pounds, a dependable actuator, Pro-Plush deluxe three-layer, three-inch cushioning system, durable and comfortable Comfort-Flex upholstery, hands-free foot control, wheels for ease of movement, and a lifetime limited warranty. 

Earthlite’s Ellora provides the perfect balance between reliability and comfort. With deluxe cushioning and upholstery, it provides years of trouble-free use.

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Melissa Mazzola Earthlite

Melissa Mazzola, Director of Business Development 



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