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ABMP Exam Coach Testimonials - MBLEx


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You always hear us say that ABMP Exam Coach is the most advanced, easy-to-use online MBLEx test prep in the profession, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve collected feedback from some of the 30,000+ students who have used ABMP Exam Coach to study for the MBLEx, and from their educators.

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Massage and Bodywork Students

I PASSED! It went great, all the hard work and studying paid off. Couldn't have done it without Exam Coach. I have a job waiting for me .... Next chapter."—Michelle

"Exam Coach was the single best tool I used to study the MBLEx."—Molly

"Exam Coach really was my saving grace!"—Kristina

"I want to thank you for your Exam Coach product. It helped me target my strengths and weaknesses and make a plan of attack to feel as prepared as possible for my exam. I am happy to say that I passed on my first attempt this morning and I am just elated."—Elizabeth

"I found ABMP Exam Coach to be challenging and very helpful for my MBLEx test preparations. The format was almost exactly like the actual test and so was the timer. It helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses; in turn it helped me understand concepts that I needed to know. Five-Minute Muscles was another excellent way to brush up on the knowledge that I had, and the palpation videos helped me immensely."—Anthony

"ABMP Exam Coach is the best. I passed my first time and the practice is exactly like the test."—Christine

"ABMP Exam Coach helped give me more confidence when studying since it covered a few things that we didn't even learn in school."—Laura

 “Tuesday, I passed my MBLEx exam with flying colors! I felt so confident going into the test, so sure that I would pass—I attribute that to the many hours of active studying that I did with Exam Coach. It was so easy to study because I always have an electronic device on me—it was the most convenient and effective way to study.”—Amy

“I PASSED THE MBLEx, but it wasn’t easy. Lots of kinesiology questions for some reason. Still, I don’t think I would have passed without the help of ABMP Exam Coach.”—Harry

“Just wanted you to know I obliterated the MBLEx. I felt so prepared I finished the exam in 35 minutes. Just wanted to say thank you because ABMP Exam Coach was a tremendous help.”—Brian

"I PASSED my test today! I attribute my success to you and your team!"—Rachel

"I do find ABMP Exam Coach to be very valuable and very comprehensive.  I wish I had been using this all through my schooling."—Gail

"I used ABMP Exam Coach and had a pretty high MBLEx score."—Linda

"I passed the MBLEx and just upgraded my membership. ABMP Exam Coach was fantastic in helping me prepare for the exam. It provided an excellent review of content as well as test-taking skills."—Laurel

"I find that ABMP Exam Coach has been my BEST study tool, along with reading over my textbooks, and for that I want to say 'Thank you.'"—Lindsey

"I took time off work to use ABMP Exam Coach to prepare for my MBLEx and I passed it the first time. I used other apps, but after taking the exam, I discovered that all I needed was ABMP."—Trustpilot review

"I literally took my test 2 hours ago and I NAILED IT! My confidence level was through the roof. I've been studying for this test for a year and let me tell you, ABMP Exam Coach is the absolute best."—Sharlette

"I moved to Tennessee from California in July. With 4–5 hours of daily study and review on ABMP Exam Coach and a whole lot of prayer, I passed my MBLEx in the second week of October. It helped me remember and review content from school 5 years ago."—Comment on


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Massage School Owners and Instructors


“Since we’ve reformatted our curriculum to use ABMP Exam Coach more, our MBLEx pass rates have improved roughly 15%!”—Jodi, Lansing Community College

"Since we have been using ABMP Exam Coach as a major part of our massage program, our students have experienced a major step up in successfully passing the MBLEx. So glad that this platform has been developed for massage students. Our students are getting online and staying online, this equals success!"—Jeniffer 

"I wanted to let you know that ABMP Exam Coach has been such a great addition to our curriculum and we saw an increase of first-time takers passing the MBLEx."—Mark

"ABMP Exam Coach is our secret weapon for preparing students for the MBLEx."—Instructor, Delaware

"Our school's pass rates for the state exam are higher than Texas and national averages! Our teachers and our students ROCK! And a special shout out to the ABMP Exam Coach study app."—Karla

"The experience we have had with ABMP Exam Coach has been great! The students said that compared to MassagePrep, ABMP Exam Coach is much better. The content from ABMP Exam Coach was so helpful with the MBLEx exam, and did a much better job preparing the students for taking the exam. "—Kristina

"My graduates who have taken the MBLEx are telling their fellow classmates to be sure and study using ABMP Exam Coach as they feel it's the perfect complement to studying their regular school curriculum!"—Michael, Massage Training Institute—Montana

“Our most recent graduating class completed on April 9. As of today, five of the eight graduates have successfully passed MBLEx. Two of them took the test within three days of completion of the program. They all credit ABMP Exam Coach for assisting them with understanding the testing process and how to break down each question and answer. Again, this is one of the many reasons that ABMP is AMAZING!!!”—William, Montgomery County Community College—Pennsylvania


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