New Scar Tissue Management Course Series from ABMP

Check out ABMP’s new three-course series “Scar Tissue Management” from Nancy Keeney Smith and Cathy Ryan. Learn how scar tissue forms, the factors that contribute to an abnormal scar, and how to work with scars safely and productively at different stages of wound healing. The continuing education courses provide video demonstrations of hands-on massage techniques, and ABMP members can earn free CE hours by watching the courses and completing short quizzes. The courses are available in the ABMP Education Center at

Not an ABMP member? Buy these courses with CE for $30 each or become an ABMP member and all your CE is included!  

Scar Tissue Management: Part 1-Introduction with Nancy Keeney Smith and Cathy Ryan

Join scar tissue experts Nancy Keeney Smith and Cathy Ryan for an informative introduction to wound healing, scar tissue formation, and a massage therapist’s role in scar tissue management. Learn the foundational science of fascia, connective tissue, and the lymphatic system as well as the aspects and contributing factors of normal and abnormal wound healing.

1 CE hour

Scar Tissue Management: Part 2-Clinical Considerations with Nancy Keeney Smith and Cathy Ryan

Join scar tissue experts Nancy Keeney Smith and Cathy Ryan to explore the clinical considerations related to wound healing. Take an in-depth look at both edema and fibrosis related to wound healing and what massage therapists can do to help clients with these conditions. Hands-on techniques taught include lymphatic fluid-moving techniques and fascial and connective tissue techniques. 

1 CE hour

Scar Tissue Management: Part 3-Assessment and Treatment Guidelines with Nancy Keeney Smith and Cathy Ryan

Join scar tissue experts Nancy Keeney Smith and Cathy Ryan to learn best practices for providing effective massage therapy treatment on scar tissue. Start with assessment and evaluation tools to evaluate the scar tissue and plan your session appropriately. Then learn lymphatic and fascia/connective tissue treatment techniques and guidelines to work with scar tissue at various states of wound healing.

1 CE hour



"Outside the Room:" with Brooke Riley, LMT

In this episode of Outside the Room, CG Funk is joined by licensed massage therapist Brooke Riley to discuss massage therapy career growth and industry evolution. 



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