Ep 260 – Monkeypox FAQ: “I Have a Client Who . . .” Pathology Conversations with Ruth Werner

A colored image of the monkeypox virus as seen through a microscope.

Oh boy, it’s another pandemic!

We’re not done with COVID, not by a long shot (public behavior notwithstanding), and now we have warning signals of another contagious viral infection that is behaving in ways we haven’t seen before—monkeypox.

Before you panic, let’s remember that information is the best defense. So, we’re giving you some background and answering some questions about monkeypox you can use to take appropriate action and to be a source of reliable information for your clients and others.

Monkeypox FAQs:

How many people have it?

How does it spread?

Is it life-threatening?

Is it preventable?

And most of all: how can I keep myself and my clients safe from this infection?

You’ve come to the right place: listen on for these answers and more.


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Author Images: 
Ruth Werner, author of A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology.
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Author Bio: 

Ruth Werner is a former massage therapist, a writer, and an NCBTMB-approved continuing education provider. She wrote A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology, now in its seventh edition, which is used in massage schools worldwide. Werner is also a long-time Massage & Bodywork columnist, most notably of the Pathology Perspectives column. Werner is also ABMP’s partner on Pocket Pathology, a web-based app and quick reference program that puts key information for nearly 200 common pathologies at your fingertips. Werner’s books are available at www.booksofdiscovery.com. And more information about her is available at www.ruthwerner.com.   



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Iowa Adopts New Massage Therapy Rules

The Iowa Board of Massage Therapy adopted new massage therapy rules that impact the following sections: definitions, licensure by examination, qualifications for foreign applicants, and license display requirements. The new rules will be effective August 17, 2022.

Colorado Bill Gives Counties Authority to Adopt Establishment Licensing

House Bill 22-1300 allows counties, cities, and towns in Colorado to adopt local ordinances. The intent is to prevent human trafficking-related offenses to occur in illicit businesses that represent themselves as massage establishments. The bill takes effect August 10, 2022.


Antivirus Software Can Help Protect You and Your Clients

Antivirus Software Shields Practitioners and Clients.

To help ABMP members stay safe in the digital world, we are running a short blog series on cybersecurity and how you can protect your personal information and your computer and digital devices from today’s bad actors. Here is the second installment on social engineering scams.


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