Recent News and Legislative Updates


House Bill 448 has been introduced in the Maryland House of Delegates. The bill would expand the definition of “taxable services” under the sales and use tax imposing additional sales taxes on consumers; including on massage therapy. Massage is the only health care service to be added as a taxable service. To view the entire bill, go to:

New Jersey

As ABMP reported, effective Sunday, October 1, 2006, massage, bodywork, and somatic services will be subject to 7% sales tax in New Jersey unless the client has a prescription from a doctor. I recommend that you read this bulletin carefully, then follow up with a trip to the website mentioned to begin the process. If you are employed by someone else, your employer is responsible for collecting the tax. However,

New Jersey

Despite the efforts of ABMP members and massage, bodywork, and somatic therapists throughout the state, the New Jersey Legislature passed a budget bill that increased the state’s sales and use tax from 6% - 7% on July 15,2006, and expands the base sales tax on October 1, 2006. From Assembly Bill 4901, the provision reads: "3. There is imposed and there shall be paid a tax of 7% upon: (9) Massage, bodywork or somatic services, except such services provided pursuant to a doctor's prescription."


On June 27, 2006, Senate Bill 2256 jumped the last hurdle and became law. Both the Senate and House of Representatives voted to override the governor’s veto to pass a law to regulate massage and form a board of massage therapy to administer and enforce regulation. Until approximately April 30th, 2008, current practitioners will be able to qualify for a license under the Grandfathering provision by satisfying one of the following:
  • Provides documentation acceptable to the board demonstrating the applicant has provided at


Proposed rules have been written by the Illinois Massage Licensing Board to clarify continuing education requirements. The first license renewal for all massage therapists is December 31, 2006. Massage therapists will not be required to comply with the continuing education requirement until the 2008 renewal. Beginning in 2008, therapists will be required to demonstrate completion of 24 hours of continuing education, including two hours addressing the subject of ethics. Therapists are encouraged to save any receipts or certificates of attendance received when completing


The Arizona Board of Massage Therapy met on Monday, February 27, 2006 to accept public comment on their intention to raise the educational requirements for state licensing and decrease the licensing fees. Proposed education hour increase