MBLEx Test Prep: Exam Coach for Schools

Want your students to pass the MBLEx exam? So do we! That’s why we created ABMP Exam Coach, the best MBLEx test prep in the profession!

“Tuesday, I passed my MBLEx exam with flying colors! I felt so confident going into the test, so sure that I would pass—I attribute that to the many hours of active studying that I did with Exam Coach. It was so easy to study because I always have an electronic device on me—it was the most convenient and effective way to study.”

What is ABMP Exam Coach?

ABMP Exam Coach is an online test-prep program created by instructional designers and technology experts at ABMP. It serves as a useful study buddy throughout a massage training program, as well as an interactive and fun test-prep program that can help reduce the level of test anxiety experienced by many first-time MBLEx test takers. Watch this webinar about the organization and features of ABMP Exam Coach:

Here are just some of the ABMP Exam Coach features:

Program Features

  • Unlimited flashcards and 10-question quizzes that access an extensive test bank of more than 5,000 test questions across 74 unique topic areas.
  • Unlimited MBLEx practice exams that simulate the exam's content weighting, question difficulty, and timed environment to better focus study time. Massage students earn timed MBLEx practice exams for every 10 quizzes passed, which helps reinforce good study habits.
  • Responsive program design that can be used on phones, tablets, and computers.
  • 2,500+ bodywork and massage terms defined and pronounced, great for learning and even better for non-native English speakers.
  • Exclusive first-year professional membership pricing on ABMP membership, a best-in-the-profession $75, or $7/month for 12 months. ABMP Exam Coach Plus includes first-year professional liability insurance at no cost and gives students early access to ABMP Five-Minute muscles. Learn More about ABMP Exam Coach Plus.
  • Automatic enrollment in the free ABMP Student Life program, providing fun massage technique videos, downloadable study aids, our free website builder, and even a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship each month.
“Our MBLEx pass rates went from 70% to 87%, and I'm attributing it to ABMP Exam Coach.” —Harmony, Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, California

Why is ABMP Exam Coach better than other test prep products?,

The test bank: ABMP reviewed research on the best methods for MBLEx exam preparation, explored innovative ideas for online learning, and contracted subject-matter experts to write a large, comprehensive test bank to best mimic the wide range of questions people will see on the MBLEx. Today's students are better prepared by studying with thousands of questions, not a few hundred available on free apps.

The program functionality: Students can take unlimited quizzes and review key terms to study during their program, as well as test their ongoing progress through unlimited practice exams that simulate the MBLEx experience. ABMP Exam Coach can be used on phones, tablets, and computers, making it easy to study in the classroom, in line at the grocery store, or anywhere else on the go.

First-Year professional discount: ABMP Exam Coach prepares massage students for success even after the MBLEx exam by offering special first-year pricing. Only $75 or $7 per month for professional insurance at our highest level, Certified membership, which includes liability insurance, business-building tools, and continuing education they need to be successful massage & bodywork professionals.

The option for ABMP Exam Coach Plus: Our best-ever deal for students! Includes access to ABMP Exam Coach, the ABMP Five-Minute Muscles online muscle review program, as well as a free year of ABMP Certified Membership, available to activate after graduation, and once state requirements have been met.

Want more? Read more testimonials about ABMP Exam Coach from students and educators.

Can I track my students’ progress?

Yes! For every school that signs up all of their students, we provide access to ABMP Exam Coach Tracker, which allows teachers and administrators to monitor students’ activity, progress, and results in ABMP Exam Coach. You can see who is using the program, what they’re studying, and how they are doing, giving you real-time tools to address performance issues and identify at-risk students. Plus, you can export and print your progress data as needed. 

“Since we have been using ABMP Exam Coach as a major part of our massage program, our students have experienced a major step up in successfully passing the MBLEx exam. Our students are getting online and staying online—this equals success!” —Jeniffer, Madison School of Massage, Alabama

Can I use ABMP Exam Coach in the classroom?

Yes! The A Teacher’s Guide: How to Use ABMP Exam Coach in the Classroom provides detailed information on the organization and features of ABMP Exam Coach, provides pre-activity preparation for incorporating ABMP Exam Coach into classroom activities and fun content reviews, and includes worksheets so ABMP Exam Coach can be used for homework assignments or extra credit. It also includes a functional study plan you can use right away in an MBLEx preparation course, or provide to students to use on their own (with your guidance). We even include a corresponding ABMP Student Guide!

How do I get ABMP Exam Coach?

Ready to sign up your students? Fill out this form and send it to education@abmp.com.

Need to speak to someone or set up a demo to see full functionality? Contact education@abmp.com.

How do schools pay for ABMP Exam Coach?

There are many ways schools have paid for ABMP Exam Coach. Some buy it for each student, some roll it into tuition, some use referral credits they receive from graduates who’ve joined ABMP.

When schools sign up all of their students, we provide several extra benefits:

  • A discounted rate of $65 (save $10 per student). Or $120 per student with ABMP Exam Coach Plus.
  • A free ABMP Premier School Membership for your school.
  • An extended subscription length for every student up to 3 months past graduation. (Regularly six months.)
  • ABMP Exam Coach Tracker, an administrative portal and exporting capability to monitor students’ ABMP Exam Coach activity and progress.
  • A Teacher’s Guide: How to use ABMP Exam Coach in the Classroom, for use in incorporating ABMP Exam Coach into the classroom.
  • A Student’s Guide: How to prepare for the MBLEx with ABMP Exam Coach, a complement to the A Teacher’s Guide: How to use ABMP Exam Coach in the Classroom.
  • A complimentary Exam Coach subscription for your school to use in the classroom as a demonstration tool.
  • Eligibility to earn a $20 student upgrade referral credit for your school for every student who upgrades to an ABMP Professional membership within six months of their graduation. You can use these to attend an ABMP School Forum, sign up more students for ABMP Exam Coach, or have a check issued to buy equipment or fund a scholarship. Your choice!


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