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“The webinars are wonderful! I’m not sure what I would do without ABMP.”
—Sandra, ABMP member

ABMP membership gives you on-demand access to 200+ massage continuing education webinars with free CE hours! Not for a limited time. Not for some hidden fee. All of our 200+ webinars, featuring the biggest names in massage and bodywork education, are free and offer free, NCBTMB-approved CE hours for the duration of your membership (as long as that type of webinar is approved by your state board).

Plus, ABMP Certified members now have access to more than 600 on-demand CE courses with free CE—the most online massage and bodywork CE in the world—by combining more than 200 courses in the ABMP Education Center with 400+ courses in the World Massage Conference Vault!

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In the ABMP Education Center you can check out our full catalog of continuing education massage therapy courses and pick out the massage CE you’ll earn first! You can search by course subject, presenter name, and other keywords to find the online course that is right for you. Whether you're looking to learn new hands-on modalities, study up on ethics, or gain new marketing ideas for massage therapists, we've got it!

“ABMP webinars have been the most helpful tool since I've become a massage therapist. The other group I was with are not as involved with the success of their members, even though they try to look that way. Thanks for being the real deal.”

Massage therapists looking for continuing education and massage classes online, look no further. At www.abmp.com/ce you'll have on-demand access to presentations from the ABMP Back Pain Summit and ABMP Head & Neck Summit; our Instructor 101 series, which is dedicated to supporting massage and bodywork teachers in the classroom; Til Luchau's six-part Ethics for the Real World series; The 7-part BodyReading the Myofascial Meridians webinar series from Thomas Myers; and dozens of other webinars covering aromatherapy, Facebook marketing for massage therapists, and more.

ABMP Certified members get even more free CE options with complete access to the World Massage Conference Vault and ABMP ebooks on advanced massage and bodywork topics:

  • Anatomist's Corner: An Advanced Guide to Anatomy in Massage & Bodywork
  • Cancer and the Human Connection: The Value of Oncology Massage
  • Ethics: A Guide to Ethics in Massage & Bodywork
  • Mother's Massage: A Guide to Prenatal and Postpartum Massage & Wellness
  • And more!

If you're not yet an ABMP member you can easily try our current featured webinar to see what online massage therapy education is like. Simply:

  1. Go to www.abmp.com/ce.
  2. Click on a webinar with "Featured:" in the title.
  3. Sign up for a free account and test-drive the ABMP Education Center.

Or, if you're ready, join as an ABMP member today and you'll be able to watch massage classes online and on demand from some of the most popular educators and presenters in the profession, including:

  • Tina Allen
  • Judith Aston
  • Dr. Ben Benjamin
  • Felicia Brown
  • Jerrilyn Cambron
  • Clint Chandler
  • Erik Dalton
  • Mary Ann Foster
  • Deane Juhan
  • Til Luchau
  • Whitney Lowe
  • Gayle MacDonald
  • Dr. Joseph Muscolino
  • Thomas Myers
  • Douglas Nelson
  • Heath & Nicole Reed
  • Art Riggs
  • Cherie Sohnen-Moe
  • Diane Thompson
  • Tracy Walton
  • Ruth Werner

You can get the full list of massage therapy webinars and presenters in the ABMP Education Center.

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