In a Big Country

I have spent the past nine days in the Northeast—Philadelphia (as referenced in my blog last week) and upstate New York. I recently filled out a quiz on my Facebook page that a friend sent me, asking how many states I have visited. My total was 46, counting the District of Columbia. A good deal of the credit goes to my years visiting massage training programs for ABMP; I was astounded to hear my 13-year-old had visited 26 states already. I knew we had been on a lot of trips, but really? Visiting new areas of the country is always an interesting exercise—hearing the dialects, sampling the local fare, and enjoying the local brew. My only regret on this trip was not squeezing in time for a massage. It is another extension of learning about different parts of the country. When traveling (especially by car), you see things you normally don’t see in your everyday life. Mine this week was several billboards in the Pocono Mountains advertising massage. Not all of these (if any) seemed professional. It appears the newly legislated State Board of Massage Therapy in Pennsylvania will have an early order of business when appointed. I was pleased to log on to and see the number of therapists participating up to over 1,750; that’s a great start in our first month. I strongly encourage you to make sure your therapist network is part of this growing resource. I am delighted that my ABMP friends are joining, but we want this to be a broad-based community. Tell your friends! Whether you have a vacation or staycation planned this summer, I hope you get some time to spend with friends and/or loved ones, take time off to recharge your batteries, and appreciate all the good that comes to us. Do you have specific summer plans (or did you)? What do you as a professional like to do to keep your career fresh? Tell me how you manage to keep balanced and stay effective. Back to Colorado and back to work next week.