Back to School

I’m back, baby! My self-imposed blog exile is over. But is it really a break if no one notices? This week seemed like as good a time as any to get back in the saddle, blog-wise. It’s back-to-school week at the Sweeney Compound, with four Sweeneys starting school (everyone but me)—including my wife, who is starting graduate business school. Growing up on the East Coast, back to school always meant Labor Day. Alas, school starts earlier in Colorado, so it creeps into summer. I have two boys running high school cross country, so back to school means back to practice for Dad the Massage Therapist. This time of year I get my sports massage work in, working to keep gastrocnemiuses and soleuses (can these words really be plural?) supple and ready for weekly meets. Back to school means revisiting all those things that make school fun—new faces, familiar faces—and resuming a routine that provides a sense of comfort. As I type this at night, I am also serenaded by the sounds of rutting season—our friendly neighborhood bull elk is sending out his version of Barry White to all the special lady elk out there. I guess everyone has a seasonal to-do list. During my blog sabbatical, I had the pleasure of spending time with several of our members in Louisville, Kentucky at the National Conference of State Legislatures. Louisville in July is “moist,” as my son would say, but an interesting city to visit. If you ever have the chance, see the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, and especially the Muhammad Ali Center—incredibly inspiring. We also continued to make good connections with our state representatives, ably led as always by the fantastic Jean Robinson, ABMP’s Government Relations Director. It seems the massage therapy profession is also gearing up—lots of new students starting their training, and changes afoot in the education and regulatory environments. More on those soon. For now, back to the autumn ritual. My question for you: How was your summer?