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New bills affecting the reflexology and massage therapy professions have been introduced in the New York State legislature this session. AB 2286 and SB 2599 would require that anyone practicing reflexology in New York State obtain a New York reflexology license.  The bills would create a new State Board of Reflexology to administer the licensing program.  In order to obtain the new mandatory license, an applicant would be required to:

Minnesota Voluntary Credentialing Bill Reintroduced

As mentioned in our prior update, the Minnesota voluntary credentialing bill for massage therapists did not pass in 2014.  However, the bill has been reintroduced this year in the Minnesota House of Representatives as House File 644. Representative Nick Zerwas is the chief author and there are over 25 co-authors. If passed, the bill would:

Idaho Bill Would Allow Temporary Practice for Out-of-State Licensees

Idaho H23 was recently introduced in the Idaho legislature.   Under this bill, an Idaho massage license would not be required for practitioners licensed in another state who are “practicing on clients participating in organized athletic events or affiliated with or employed by established athletic teams, athletic organizations or performing arts companies temporarily practicing, competing or performing in [Idaho] for no more than sixty (60) days in a calendar year.”  ABMP supports H23 and we will keep you up to date on any im

Hawaii Bill Proposes New Massage License/Registration Categories

A new bill, HI HB 1390, has been introduced in the Hawaii House of Representatives which, if passed, would add two new categories for massage therapists in Hawaii: “certified massage therapist” and “massage therapy assistant.” The current licensed massage therapist (LMT) category would remain in place as well.

Oklahoma Massage Therapy Licensing Bill Introduced

A new bill, OK SB 687, has been introduced in the Oklahoma State Senate which, if passed, would require that all Oklahoma massage therapists obtain a state massage therapy license in order to practice. Additionally, anyone using any title indicating that he or she is a massage therapist, or who uses the term “massage” in advertising, would be required to have a massage therapy license. Click here to read the bill.

Wyoming Massage Therapy Licensing Bill Introduced

A new bill, WY S 86, has been introduced in the Wyoming State Senate which, if passed, would require that Wyoming massage therapists hold a state professional license in order to practice.  Click here to read the bill.  The bill is currently in the initial stages of the state legislative process and may or may not become law in Wyoming.

New York Assembly Bill 9259

New York Assembly Bill 9259 was signed into law by Governor Cuomo on December 17, 2014. Under the new law, a massage therapist who holds a massage license in another state does not need to have a New York State massage license in order to teach the hands on portion of a CE course in New York, as long as the CE course (1) is taught in connection with a CE program that is conducted by a New York State-approved CE sponsor, and (2) pertains to a modality that falls within New York's scope of practice for massage.

Florida Massage Therapist Background Check Requirements | ABMP

A new law was passed in Florida this year, s.456.0135, F.S, which imposes new background check requirements on massage therapists.  Under the new law, all Florida-licensed massage therapists who received their license prior to July 1, 2014 must complete a criminal background check prior to January 31, 2015 Massage therapists who have certain types of felony offenses

NCBTMB Will No Longer Offer Licensing Exams

At the recent Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) Annual Meeting, it was announced that the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork will no longer be offering or accepting licensure exam applications as of November 1, 2014, and will cease offering licensure exams effective February 1, 2015. These exams used for licensing include the:

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