Transformation Through Bodywork Now Available as a Free Ebook

Transformation Through Bodywork: Using Touch Therapies for Inner Peace is author Dan Menkin’s exploration of facilitating inner peace through the integration of inner peace counseling and transformation-oriented bodywork. Originally published in 1996, the book has officially gone out of print, allowing the author to offer the ebook to read or download for free. The book is now available to all through a variety of platforms:

Google Play

Amazon (Kindle version—$0.99)

In addition to the original text, Menkin offers 13 additional dialogues that were written after the publication of Transformation Through Bodywork in a newly published free companion ebook titled Transformation Through Bodywork Continued, available from the same sites.



Florida Extends License Renewal Date

Due to Hurricane Idalia’s devastating impact, license renewal deadlines have been pushed back for some professionals, including massage therapists and their businesses. Practitioners now have until October 2, 2023, to renew their professional and establishment licenses.

New Jersey, New Rules? Comment Before October 6!

The New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy issued proposed rules that would impact clinical education, continuing education, and devices that cause percussions or vibrations.



Podcast: Smart Phone, Dumb Biomechanics

In this episode of The ABMP Podcast, Kristin and Darren speak with David Lesondak about how smartphones affect the biomechanics of neck tilt and ergonomic considerations people can take to avoid excessive smartphone-related neck tilt.

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