Mindbody Releases Five Wellness Trends of 2023

As we move into 2023 and plenty of people make the annual pledge to make the new year a healthier one, Mindbody released its “5 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2023.” 

For the Mindbody Wellness Index, more than 17,000 Americans were surveyed about wellness and how it has continued to change for them, with Generation Z and Millennials leading the way. That survey produced the following wellness trends to watch.

1. Strength in numbers: The rise of the wellness collective

Consumers are looking to wellness as a significant part of their belonging to a community. According to the survey, nearly half (43 percent) of those polled said they consider community to be a key part of the wellness experience.

2. From the ground up: Going back to our roots

With nearly 40 percent of Americans saying they’re embracing a more natural lifestyle, men are more likely to grow their own food and choose holistic remedies and supplements, while women are more conscious of clean beauty. And nearly 40 percent of Americans spend time in the outdoors to aid mental well-being.

3. Big female energy: The year of the woman

American women are tapping into their feminine power, with 39 percent of them saying they’d rather attend a women’s-only gym or fitness studio. For those who are uncomfortable in a gym environment, seeing more diverse bodies in fitness promotions is making the prospect of attending a gym more feasible.

4. Longevity wins: Functional fitness for a longer, more fulfilled life

While working out has been seen as a key avenue to manage weight, more Americans are saying they work out to live longer, healthier lives. And more than half of consumers (51 percent) are focusing on optimizing health through functional fitness—strength-training activities like squatting, pushing, and lunging.

5. Introducing “Gen W:” aka, the wellness generation

Gen Z and Millennials have taken a different approach than prior generations, viewing wellness as connected, emotional, and inclusive. Those two groups spend the most on fitness, salon, spa, and wellness services. They’re also most likely to give weight to wellness as part of the workplace, pointing to wellness perks as a reason to choose an employer.




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