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Massage Therapy Foundation Announces 2016 Community Service Grantees


The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) announced funding of four Community Service Grants for the 2016 granting cycle.

Massage Therapy for Immigrant Survivors
Organization: Program for Torture Victims

Program for Torture Victims (PTV) is located in Los Angeles, California, and was founded in 1980 to address the complex psychosocial and health needs of survivors of political torture. For the past 35 years, PTV has provided comprehensive services to immigrant survivors of political torture living in Southern California. The organization has helped survivors from torture from more than 70 countries across the globe who have experienced complex trauma ranging from trafficking to domestic violence. With this grant, PTV will offer therapeutic massage services to help bring relief to the suffering of the torture victims. The provision of massage therapy will help alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension, decrease stress, and help people regain connection with their body.

Monday Massage for Veterans
Organization: Clear Path for Veterans Wellness

Recognizing the responsibility of communities to help those who serve in the military, Clear Path for Veterans empowers service members, veterans, and their families through supportive programs and services in a safe, respectful environment. Clear Path for Veterans is fully accessible for veterans with mobility limitations. The MTF funding will facilitate a demonstration project to help veterans who have participated in programs at Clear Path for Veterans, and access services in their home communities.  Massage Monday for Veterans will offer a package of two one-hour massage experiences to veterans in Central New York to address issues of stress, pain, anxiety, and/or difficulty sleeping. Massage Monday for Veterans participants will be identified through outreach efforts from the existing Clear Path Wingman, Peer Mentor, and Dogs2Vets programs.

Massage Therapy for Medically Fragile Children
Organization: Maryville, Children's Healthcare

The Maryville Children’s Healthcare Center (CHC) treats medically fragile, technology-dependent infants and children who need hospital-to-home transitional care or palliative and hospice care. The CHC offers individualized care and crucial parental training in specialized child care in a homelike environment. The care combines traditional medical care with alternative medicine approaches to relieve pain, enhance comfort, and facilitate healing. The Massage Therapy for Medically Fragile Children program is designed to improve the overall well-being of CHC pediatric patients as well as supplement the traditional allopathic medical and nursing care. This grant is sponsored in part by a gift from Biotone.

Massage and Burn Scar Therapy for Burn Survivors in the New England Area
Organization: HandReach

HandReach is a network of compassionate professionals dedicated to improving quality of life for burn and trauma survivors. HandReach works at the acute, reconstructive, and psychosocial levels to help individuals debilitated by severe burns and amputations return to full function and a productive future. With this grant the organization, in partnership with the Massage and Burn Scar Therapy Foundation, will provide massage and burn scar therapy to underserved burn survivors in the New England area who might otherwise not be able to afford treatment. Financial hardship is often caused when people are out of work during their recovery, not being able to return to work, or permanently disabled. This grant is sponsored in part by a gift from Biotone.