Episode 6 of The Thinking Practitioner Podcast Now Available

Massage & Bodywork authors Whitney Lowe and Til Luchau, two of the leading educators in manual therapy, bodywork, and massage therapy, delve into considerations for hands-on work with tendinopathies and tendon issues in the newest episode of the Thinking Practitioner Podcast.

In this episode, Lowe and Luchau discuss:

  • What is a tendinopathy? Examples?
  • Tendinitis vs. tendinosis; tenosynovitis 
  • What are typical signs?
  • What is known about causes?
  • Inflammation or degeneration?
  • Collagen, paratenon, fascicles, etc. 
  • Nerval arborization/sprouting 
  • What’s manual therapy’s role?
  • Approaches, debates, consensus 
  • And much more...  

Listen to the new episode on the Advanced-Trainings website, or wherever you get your podcasts.



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