Coronavirus and Your Practice

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As you know, there’s a great deal of information—and confusion—about the nature and scope of COVID-19 or the “coronavirus.” Because of the physical nature of your work with clients, this is the perfect time to review and follow standard practice hygiene protocols including frequent, thorough hand washing and frequent cleaning of all surface areas. As always, if you or a client have cold or flu-like symptoms, use your best judgment about whether or not to cancel a session.

As this situation evolves, it’s important to stay informed through credible sources such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,, and the World Health Organization,



Massage therapy helps to strengthen the immune system. I would love to see this information in the media...that regular massage can help ward off cold,flu and other ailments. Honestly I am tired of all the emails reminding me that all precautions are being taken. Shouldn't they always be taken?? At this time we should encourage massage therapy treatments with the added benefit of strengthening our immune systems in a safe and natural way?!

Should we be performing bodywork? High end spas are especially susceptible due to guests traveling, non essential workers entering the area and not practicing proper sanitation protocol, guests not divulging the entire truth due to no waived cancellation fees, very short turnover time effecting ability to sanitize and heat up fresh towels in cubbies, wipe down every thing with hospital grade cleaner, no ventilation in massage rooms, saunas hot tubs, lockers, retail that is coughed and sneezed on or touched, lack of new blankets between guests, and massage therapists that are exhibiting signs eg, coughing, sneezing etc...etc...

I have insurance through you and another therapist brought to my attention that I should see if I'm covered if a client tries to make a claim that I got them sick. I'm not sick but what if I do get it from someone who wasn't showing symptoms and while I don't show symptoms of the virus yet, and continue to work and then it comes about that someone else shows up with the illness and makes a claim against me. So are we covered if a person makes this claim?

I am also a homeopathic practitioner with a computer system where as I can create a homeopathic for the virus. We as a nation needs to go to natural medicine to make our way around such illness as these.

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