ABMP President Talks Liability Insurance on Podcast

ABMP’s president, Les Sweeney, BCTMB, was featured on a recent episode of the Massage Business Blueprint podcast. Sweeney joined hosts Allissa Haines and Michael Reynolds on episode 68, “Common Questions About Massage Liability Insurance.”
Among the topics covered were the differences between general, professional, and product liability insurance; the need for massage professionals to secure their own liability insurance coverage; and the reasons to avoid claims-made coverage.
The podcast is available at www.massagebusinessblueprint.com/podcast/e68-common-questions-massage-liability-insurance-les-sweeney-abmp.
The ebook “The 411 on Insurance for Bodywork & Massage Professionals,” which was featured on the podcast, is available at www.abmp.com/ebooks/abmp-411-insurance.pdf.


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