What is Business Personal Property Insurance?

Optional Contents Coverage for Your Business

The ABMP Business Personal Property (BPP) Insurance is contents coverage for your business. This valuable option is tailored to our members’ unique insurance needs in the event of equipment loss due to a fire, flood, theft, etc.

ABMP’s BPP policy covers members’ business-related property (equipment) both on and off premises—this is an important feature because many policies do not cover property once it is taken off business premises.

We have two BPP options: (1) BPP for $10,000: $95, and (2) BPP for $25,000: $250. Both of these policies provide coverage on a blanket basis, meaning members do not have to submit an initial inventory list itemizing equipment and its value; some companies require this inventory up front. However, if members experience a loss, they’ll need to present receipts and/or photographs of the items in order to file a claim. Property is insured for replacement cost, up to the $10,000 or $25,000 limit. Should a member have a covered loss, the claim will be paid based on the cost of that equipment, new, with no deduction for depreciation.

All losses are subject to a $250 deductible; theft/burglary losses are subject to a $500 deductible. Coverage is written on a broad basis with few exclusions.

To sign up for BPP at the time of joining or renewing: Select the BPP option online, or speak with our team at 800-458-2267.

To add BPP coverage during a membership: Call our team at 800-458-2267.

"I thank my lucky stars I had it." —Areigna, ABMP member

Read Areigna's BPP story in Massage & Bodywork magazine.

Coverage will run concurrently with the term of your ABMP membership. If you submit the premium for the BPP coverage with your application or renewal, your BPP coverage will begin with your anniversary date and expire one year (12 months) later. Should you decide to purchase BPP later in your membership year, you will be required to pay the full year's premium for a partial year's coverage.



Would this cover damaged equipment do to clients use?

Please add BPP to my coverage.

Please add BPP1 to my coverage.

Hi Cindy, please call 800-458-2267 and a membership specialist will help get you set up with this. Thanks!


I would like to add the bpp1 to my converage.


thank you,



Hi Rachel, please call 800-458-2267 and a membership specialist can add the BPP coverage to your policy.

I am looking for a good liability insurance for my massage practice, can you direct me to that at all? thanks.

Hi Dasha, ABMP offers comprehensive liability insurance for massage therapists. Contact us at 800-458-2267 or visit www.abmp.com and we can get you enrolled!

If I use my cell phone, car, table, chair to travel for work. is the phone and car covered if something happens to it?

Would like more information

Hi Oscar, please call 800-458-2267 and a membership specialist can add the BPP coverage to your policy.

Lets say a client is getting on/off the table and they fall, trip, table flips over etc... Does AMBP regular insurance or does this insurance cover this?

Hi Sarah,

This type of claim is filed under the liability policy, not the BPP policy. Please call us if you have any questions.

Hello, I would like to add the bpp2 to my coverage.

Hi James, please call 800-458-2267 and a membership specialist can add the BPP coverage to your policy.

I would like to add bpp to my coverage

Will this cover property due to flooding? I live in Nebraska and there are floods all around.  It hasnt hit my place yet, and I pray it won't, but I need to know if I have coverage so I can stop with the worry.

Hi Koleen, the BPP coverage does cover damage due to flooding. Please call 800-458-2267 for more information and to add BPP coverage to your policy.

I am confused because in the first paragraph it says due to fire,flood,theft it is covered

Thank you!

Hi Cherri, please call 800-458-2267 and a membership specialist can add the BPP coverage to your policy.

Please add

Does BPP cover items in inventory I have for sale in my business?

Hi Andrea,

Your items in inventory would be considered business property as long as they are related to your insured profession. We can send you a copy of the policy and explain how to inventory your items if you would like. Please contact our risk management specialist, Debbie Higdon, at debbie@abmp.com if you have any more questions.

Does the BPP cover the cost of the rental space?  Like Renter's insurance covers someone who is renting an apartment, would this be the same sort of coverage?  

Hi Lisa,

BPP only covers contents/property. It does not cover the cost to rent the space. If you would like to review a full copy of the policy, give us a call at 800458-2267 or email expectmore@abmp.com.

Hello, I thought I had this insurance on my membership.  But it looks like it was dropped.  I would like to upgrade to the 25,000 policy or $250.00.  Will you automatically add that to my renewal for May?  Please advise.  Thanks, Tanji Samson

Deciding whether to add BPP.  Wondering if I lost my equipment due to fire, would I need receipts for everything in order to get coverage?  ie. sheets, table heater, table, chairs, oil & liniments & analgesics, candles, printer, laptop, lights, etc. etc.  And I think I see a $250 deductible?  Think I only have a few thousand worth of merchandise.  So debating if it's helpful to me.  Thanks for your help with the details!

Does this coverage cover vandalism or break ins? loss of property due to natural disasters like Tornadoes, Fires Hurricanes, Floods?


Due to Covid 19 restrictions, we have some items we will need to place in a storage unit, would these items be covered if something happened to the storage unit?  


Thank you, 

Hi David,

The Business Personal Property policy is designed to cover your business property/contents such as massage table, towel warmer, etc. Regarding theft, the office or location of storage of the property needs to be secured/locked. All policy language applies. The policy states that the area where the items are (stored) must be secured, meaning locked up and the items must be related to your business. Call us if you have any questions.

I am starting an in-home massage practice, should I add BPP to my current insurance coverage.?

Hi, staff at Abmp, I would like to add Bpp 2 insurance to my membership , thank you

Will this cover accidental damage to a clients personal property while on their property/in their homes?

if i'm gonna add BPP how much it cost


Hi Winigelda, please call 800-458-2267 and a membership specialist can add the BPP coverage to your policy.


I am a Massage Therapist and have had coverage with ABMP for a couple of years. I am now a Certified Yoga Teacher and would like to know if coverage for that is included in my membership. Thank you. 

Hi Micaela, please give us a call at 800-458-2267 to speak with a membership specialist about adding this modality to your profile.

My car was less than $25,000 Brand new. It is a Work Car as I travel all around southern CA for work.  Is my car covered if it gets damaged, hit, stolen...etc?????

Hi John,

Please give us a call at 800-458-2267 to speak with a membership specialist for more detailed answers to your questions.


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