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Q&A with Perry Antelman, CEO, Abacus Health Products

How did CBD CLINIC get its start? CBD CLINIC™ was founded in 2014 by Abacus Health Products, a pharmaceutical company that develops naturally derived over-the-counter (OTC) topicals. Our sister company, Aidance Scientific, has been developing OTC topical formulations for 15 years. Thus, the transition toward pain relief was a natural evolution.
CBD CLINIC was our answer to the growing public demand for safe, natural, and nonaddictive pain relief products. Our signature line was tailored for complementary and alternative medicine professionals and is sold exclusively through licensed practitioners.

What sets CBD CLINIC apart from other suppliers? First and foremost, our products are changing the landscape of OTC pharmaceuticals as safe pain-management solutions for the general consumer. To ensure high-quality control standards, they are formulated in a cGMP-compliant and -audited facility. Moreover, since everyone experiences pain differently, we created a 5-level system for therapists to use to customize their pain-management plans. For these reasons, our products quickly became the number-one preferred external analgesics for approximately 17,000 practitioners across the US today. A recent third-party survey revealed that 90 percent of clinicians who use CBD CLINIC would recommend it over other OTC topical analgesics.

What do massage therapists and bodyworkers need to understand about CBD? Currently, there is a lot of hype surrounding CBD. With the everchanging regulatory environment, it is important that practitioners choose a trustworthy partner who can help them navigate this landscape. We support our partners every step of the way, from matching the right products for their business to educating their clients about CBD.

How should a practitioner use CBD? Our CBD-blended massage oils, creams, and ointments are the perfect addition to any pain-relieving treatment. They can be used during and after sessions as well as between sessions; however, we recommend using them during for maximum relief. For added value, clients can take them home to self-manage their pain.

How does a therapist know when they’re working with a quality supplier and quality products? It is important to select CBD-blended products from a trusted source where:
A. The CBD is derived from hemp grown in conformance with USDA requirements.
B. The CBD is produced in audited facilities.
C. If the product makes medical claims, it must be in conformance with the OTC monograph featuring authorized pharmaceutical active ingredients. CBD CLINIC’s products meet all of the above criteria. 

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A few months ago I did a trial run with level 3 and 5 of the CBD Clinic oils, using them within my massage therapy sessions with 10 clients I work with regularly.  All of them had a rash reaction (redness with raised bumps).   All of them.  When I asked each said it felt like a tingly sensation and they reported no further problem.   It was definitely a reaction though so I talked with a representative of  the company to mention my concern and to get some feedback.  The only ingredient listed that I had not used  previously with these clients was cottonseed oil.  Has anyone else noted this reaction either with these  products or with cottonseed oil?  

I did hear back from the company albeit a couple months later (today) and they said no none else has reported a complaint (or concern) and suggested that these clients perhaps have an allergy that I didn't know about.   They wanted me to do more followup which I had been prepared to do when I originally called however I have since moved on to using another product that is working well for me.  Given that delayed response I was not terribly inclined to spend a lot of my time helping them troubleshoot and file documentation that they can do themselves.   It was testy conversation filled with a lot of  "We need you to do xyz."    Has anyone had a similar reaction in clients using these, or in using cottonseed oil or in talking with this company?  

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South Carolina Bill Changes Massage Therapy Act

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In Celebration of Pride Month: Resources from ABMP

A multicolored Pride Flag representing the LGBTQIA+ community.

This month, to honor the LGBTQIA+ community, we want to take a moment to celebrate the diversity of our members along with their clients, as well as provide educational resources from our magazine, CE library, and podcasts. 


ABMP Recognized for Top Publications

The 42nd Annual EXCEL Awards were celebrated on June 22, 2022. SIIA’s EXCEL Awards is the largest and most prestigious program recognizing excellence and leadership in association media, publishing, marketing, and communication.

ABMP was recognized for some of our top publications and educational offerings:

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In this issue, we explore pelvic tilt and spinal compensation, improving bodywork through breath, and how listening to your clients is a superpower. We also discuss SI joint dysfunction, overuse injuries, and much more!⁠

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