Massage & Bodywork Magazine 2018 Highlights

Check out what you might have missed this year from Massage & Bodywork magazine! From the latest advancements in pain research and anatomy to reflexology, Watsu, and massage for elderly clients, you'll find something new to learn wherever you dive in. Plus, you can now earn FREE CE from reading the best magazine in the profession! Visit the links below to view all of Massage & Bodywork's 2018 issues and see which ones are ready to earn free CE from. 

January/February 2018
Issue Theme: Millennials


  • "Millennial Minds" by Lynn Parentini
  • "A Milliennial Client's Perspective" by Tara Doyle
  • "The Posture Window, Part 2" by Yoni Whitten, DC

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March/April 2018
Issue Theme: Frail & Elderly Clients


  • "Growing Pains" by Irene Smith
  • "Salve for the Soul" by Mary Kathleen Rose
  • "Death, Dying, and the Breakability of Us All" by Lauren Cates
  • "De-Rotators" by Joseph E. Muscolino, DC

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May/June 2018
Issue Theme: Pain Management


  • "Pain Points" by Ben E. Benjamin, PhD
  • "Pain Science Research" by Whitney Lowe
  • "The Definitive Retirement Plan for MTs" by Allissa Haines

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July/August 2018
Issue Theme: Water Wisdom


  • "Watsu Way" by Harold Dull
  • "Flotation Tanks" by Brandon Twyford
  • "Addressing Scoliosis" by Joseph E. Muscolino, DC
  • "Are You a Placebo" by Til Luchau

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September/October 2018
Issue Theme: Research


  • "In-Depth Learning" by Joseph E. Muscolino, DC
  • "The Human Fascial Net Plastination Project" by Rachelle L. Clauson
  • "Touch Therapy Researcher Tiffany Field" by Karrie Osborn

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November/December 2018
Issue Theme: Foot Reflexology


  • "Reflexology for the Feet" by Marc Zollicoffer
  • "Belonging: An MT's Search for Connection in a (Sometimes) Lonely Profession" by Kristin Coverly
  • "The World of Elite Sports Massage" by Brandon Twyford




Vacancies on the Oregon Massage Board

There are two seats open to licensed massage therapists. You must be nominated by a massage organization for a vacancy, and ABMP can help nominate you. Let us know if you're interested and find out how to apply!

Massage School Programs at Risk Across the Country

The US Department of Education issued final rules on October 31 that will likely greatly impact clock-hour programs in states with minimum clock-hour requirements for licensure or certification, including massage therapy. The new rule is flawed and, if not changed, will cause devastating collateral damage to schools, instructors, students, and the public. Find out how you can advocate!

“150%” Rule Advocacy Template

School owners, operators, and instructors—use our advocacy template to send to your state senators and representatives to make them reconsider the "150%" rule amendment. Add your own opinions and experiences to make your letter more personal and impactful.



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