Education Inspiration from Cyndi Dale

The following post is adapted from our conversation with Cyndi Dale ( in the November/December 2017 issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine. Among other things, Dale tells us what inspires her practice and what her secret to work/life balance is.

How do you define your career to those who don’t know Cyndi Dale? 

Officially, I perform client sessions as an intuitive consultant and energy healer. I’m also an author and I love teaching. Basically, when working with a client, I use my intuitive gifts to perceive what’s happening in the subtle energy realms affecting a client. You see, everything is made of energy, which is simply information that vibrates. There are two types of energy, however. Physical energy is obvious. Subtle energy, which is the lattice upon which physical energies organize, is psychic, or difficult to perceive. My task is to figure out what subtle energies are creating problems and what solutions might be effective. For instance, let’s say I’m working with a client with a tumor. I want to uncover the emotions, beliefs, events, or situations that are causing the subtle energies to “create” that tumor. Understanding the root cause helps my client and me figure out how to bring in or activate healthy energies. When I’m not interacting with clients, I teach people how to develop their own skills in the energetic arena, which is also the subject of my books.

What’s your most important gift?

From an energetic perspective, I’m mainly visual or clairvoyant, and have been since I was a child. Back then, I could tell when my mom was angry because red energy would come off her. I’d duck! When younger, I could perceive these psychic or subtle energies with my eyes. Sometimes, I still can, although mostly I view them internally. In my client work, I might visualize a picture from a client’s history, a possible future, or see through the “veil” to discover what’s really happening in a current situation. Sometimes, this gift provides personal insights. For instance, a couple of years ago, I had a dream in which my youngest son showed up in a major league baseball uniform. The next week, he told me that he wanted to become a major league pitcher. And now, he’s off to college on a baseball scholarship. Like I tell my clients, we have to take the practical steps necessary to assure the optimum future.

How do you define being intuitive to the uninitiated?

Basically, intuition is the bridge between the physical and the subtle worlds. We can easily perceive physical reality with our five senses. Most of reality, however, is unapparent. For instance, we only see something like .00035 percent of light on a linear scale. How can we see, hear, feel, or become aware of the difficult to perceive, which are the subtle or psychic energies that actually create physical reality? We have to use our intuition. Formally, there are at least 11 forms of intuition, which can be organized as empathic, verbal, and visual capabilities. We are all intuitive, we just have to learn how to recognize our intuitive styles and trust them.

What do you love most about mentoring others?

I love to see people become all of themselves. There is so much talent and beauty packed inside each of us; we’ve only to unlock it. That process usually involves becoming educated about our intuitive or spiritual abilities and then learning how to use them. Unlike some tasks in life, this authentication process isn’t age-related. Not long ago, I worked with a 10-year-old boy who had been getting visions of the future. The accuracy frightened him. I showed him how to contain the gift and then control it. What an amazing ability! I’ve also interacted recently with an 80-year-old woman who has been hearing angelic words in her head for years. Well, she’s now writing a book of spiritual insights. We all have surprises inside, and I get to witness the unfolding of them.

You’re known internationally and teach across the globe. What’s your secret to creating work/life balance?

First of all, I believe in work/life balance. I think our world is lopsided, with work occupying the number one spot. I’m self-employed, which means if I’m not working, I’m not earning money for the bills. People with salaried or hourly occupations are often worried about losing their jobs. But time for connection, joy, rest, learning, and even silliness allows us to bring more to our career, not less. So I’m structured in my approach to life.

Every morning, I rise at 5:00 a.m. and take my dogs to the park. We’re so early, we’re usually alone; that’s my meditative-walking time. Then, I write and see clients—and then walk the dogs again! After that, I enjoy connecting with my kids, friends, and mom, or take off for the movies. In the end, I think the key is boundaries. I don’t answer client’s questions unless I’m in a session. I keep my private time my private time. I’m also not embarrassed to be found glued to The Voice or The Bachelor television series. We have to set parameters and boundaries or our personal lives disappear.



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