Editor’s Picks: Favorite Massage & Bodywork Articles from 2022

 Top Stories M&B 2022

As we close out 2022, the Massage & Bodywork magazine editorial team wanted to highlight some of our favorite articles of the year. Here’s a look at our top picks:

“Meet FR:EIA” by Rachelle Clauson, Gary Carter, and Fauna Moore 

The editors voted unanimously that this article was a standout of the year. Here are some of their comments:

“If there’s one article everyone should read from Massage & Bodywork this past year, it is hands-down this feature about the first whole-body, fascial-focused plastinate. We don’t often get this glimpse of the human body and its incredible, meticulous system of fascia. This feature not only includes stunning visuals, but also provides explanation of how every part works in collaboration with the next.”

   —Jen Anderson, contributing editor

“Obviously groundbreaking; we recommend all members who might not have seen it to give it a read.”

   —Scott Kaniewski, online and digital strategies editor

“FR:EIA was the culmination of years of work from the very dedicated Fascial Net Plastination Project team. Even through COVID, they found a way to keep the project alive, and after three years, saw their work come to fruition with the unveiling of FR:EIA. I was privileged to see FR:EIA in person at the 6th International Fascia Research Congress in September. To sit and examine her was both a fascinating and humbling experience that has forever changed my perspective on the human form. I’m grateful we were able to bring this important story to our readers.”

   —Karrie Osborn, senior editor

The Fascial Network: Our Richest Sensory Organ,” by Robert Schleip

“Having Dr. Schleip contribute this article to our fascia-themed issue was an honor for our staff. With the amount of science in the article, it helps us understand fascia from a new perspective.” 

   —Scott Kaniewski, online and digital strategies editor

“Autistic Clients: Greater Understanding Can Lead to More Beneficial Interactions” by Sasha Chaitow

“Sasha Chaitow’s article touched so many people, but especially those in the autistic community. The feedback we received about the author truly understanding what it’s like to have autism was powerful.” 

   —Darren Buford, editor in chief, senior director

“Working with Invisible Pain” by Ruth Werner 

“Ruth Werner delivered several important articles to Massage & Bodywork readers this year, and this one tops the list. It takes a look not only at the challenges clients with fibromyalgia face, but also the challenges MTs face who might be working with this client, as well as key strategies for creating sustainable treatment plans.”

   —Karrie Osborn, senior editor

“Fibromyalgia is pertinent to our members and how they might best consider attending to clients who suffer from fibro. With so many people living with this, massage can hopefully help. MTs will find this article extremely helpful.”

   —Scott Kaniewski, online and digital strategies editor

“Trauma-Informed Care” by Ruth Werner

“As someone who experienced a sexual assault as a young adult, I connected so much with this piece. I felt understood for the first time in a long time. As a massage client, I have found myself triggered during sessions in the past—unintentionally, of course. The more we can all learn about navigating potential triggers and using careful communication, the better experiences clients, like me, will have.”

   —Jen Anderson, contributing editor

“Mobile Massage Practice Safety” by Michelle Roos 

“Practitioner safety is paramount in our profession. And this angle is so important when having a mobile practice.”   

   —Darren Buford, editor in chief, senior director

“Creating Space from the Inside Out” by Heath and Nicole Reed 

“Rarely does an article make me stop and take a deep breath. But that’s exactly what this one did. I instantly sipped in a deep breath of air, corrected my slouched posture, noticed the areas of my body that felt tight, and stopped frowning. Breath is so important, and it’s always nice to have a gentle reminder.”

   —Jen Anderson, contributing editor

“The ‘What If’ Scenario” by Allissa Haines and Michael Reynolds 

“Though a difficult topic, this is one that’s critical for practitioners to understand and prepare for.” 

   —Darren Buford, editor in chief, senior director


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