CBD Massage Oil for Pain Relief from CBD Clinic

CBD massage oils from CBD Clinic
The following blog post is sponsored by CBD CLINIC.

What sets CBD CLINIC™ apart from other suppliers?

CBD CLINIC™ products have been created specifically for health-care professionals, to support their clients and their practice. They’ve developed formulas for personalized care blended with aromatic botanicals including lavender, frankincense, chamomile, arnica, peppermint, clove, sage, tea tree, and eucalyptus for relaxing, reviving, or ultimately restorative experiences.

These products are available in three formulas, so you can personalize your treatment in office, as well as offer oils, creams and ointments to clients for at-home self-care.

CBD CLINIC™ Massage Therapy Series uses highly effective active natural ingredients (menthol and camphor) that distract the brain’s pain signals at the source of discomfort with a cooling and heating sensation. Pain relief formulations range from mild to maximum strength. Our formulas are developed using a proprietary method for naturally derived remedies.

Natural emollients, including jojoba seed oil, shea butter, cottonseed oil, and Charlotte’s Web™ premium hemp extract, nourish the skin while offering a smooth glide in a non-greasy formulation.

The rich spectrum of natural golden to deep green hues from carotenoids and chlorophyll attests to the purity of whole hemp extract.

What is menthol and where does it come from?

Menthol is an organic, natural compound derived from wild mint or peppermint leaves. It’s what gives plants of the mint family their distinctive smell and taste. There are cheaper forms of menthol, which are synthetic and commonly used in OTC products, but CBD CLINIC™ uses only naturally sourced ingredients.

How does menthol work?

Menthol is a natural analgesic and anesthetic, which means it’s soothing for your clients’ aches and pains. In addition, menthol is what’s known technically as a counterirritant. Menthol interacts with specific receptor sites in our nervous system known as TRP receptors. These nerve receptors are involved in our perception of temperature, and because of their famous association with menthol, they even go by the name cold and menthol receptors.

Menthol has been widely studied for its pain-relieving properties. Menthol is easily absorbed through the skin, which is why it’s one of the major active ingredients in CBD CLINIC™ Massage products, along with other important ingredients that work together to give you the best topical pain relief you can find.

What is camphor and where does it come from?

Camphor is another organic, natural compound that can be easily absorbed topically for a soothing effect. Camphor is extracted from the bark of the Cinnamonun camphora evergreen tree, or camphor laurel. Like menthol, its cousin in pain relief, camphor has a distinctive aroma as a result of the powerful plant terpenes it produces.

How does camphor work?

Camphor is also used as a topical analgesic and anesthetic. One study that looked at camphor and menthol in combination with other natural oils found they were effective at relieving mild to moderate pain and inflammation when applied to the skin several times a day consistently over time.  Another study showed that camphor itself was effective at relieving back pain.

In a similar way to menthol, camphor acts as a counterirritant by producing both cold and warm sensations when applied in a topical cream. This means it competes with and counteracts sensations of pain before they can reach the brain, allowing us to experience the pleasure of pain relief. Camphor also increases blood flow in the skin and muscles. As with menthol, increasing blood flow to an area of inflammation or injury helps promote pain relief and supports healing.

What other botanicals are in CBD CLINIC™ massage products?

Frankincense oil: Frankincense comes from the resin of the Boswellia tree, which is found mainly in the mountainous regions of India, Africa, and the Middle East. It has been used for thousands of years in ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medicine of India.

Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil is what’s known as a carrier oil. It can moisturize in a similar way to our skin’s own natural oils without blocking the skin pores. Jojoba oil is readily absorbable, and highly effective at carrying other topical healing ingredients with it. It provides excellent glide for massage.

CBD CLINIC™ Massage Therapy Series blends aromatic botanicals with natural pain fighters in varying levels, so you can offer your clients personalized care. Get a sample today to feel the difference and add top-tier soothing product to your practice.



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