Business Coaching for Massage Therapists: Mindy Totten

Business coach for bodywork therapists Mindy Totten.
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Tell us about the path that led you to become a business coach for massage therapists.

With a background in teaching, I was overjoyed when I was asked to present CranioSacral Therapy classes. I had the opportunity to connect with other practitioners who shared over and over how they were struggling to keep their own businesses open. I saw these wonderful therapists with huge hearts, who were frustrated, burned out, and making the same mistakes that I had made in my business.

Having my own six-figure CST practice for over 17 years, my mission is to support therapists in the business side of their practice so they can serve more people and make a great living doing it. Working with bodyworkers has been the honor of my lifetime, and I’m continually amazed by the wonderful work bodyworkers put into the world, making all of our lives a touch kinder.



What is your philosophy behind creating a successful bodywork practice?

It takes so much more than “great hands” to build a successful bodywork practice. You need a genuine understanding of how to create a business foundation that will grow and evolve as you do. Just like the time and money you invested learning your modality, an investment in learning business skills will ensure the long-term success of your practice.

What makes your programs unique?

Using specific, intentional guidance and business support, my programs offer step-by-step processes (in the most supportive way—with a guide who genuinely cares about you as a person) so the day-to-day reality of your practice finally matches your vision. You learn strategies and techniques to ensure your success, including business clarity, building a boutique business, marketing from the heart, creating long-term relationships to build customer loyalty, leveraging your expertise for other sources of income, sustaining what you’ve built, and so much more.

Our groups are intentionally small, so you receive individualized guidance from an instructor who has gone before you and is doing what you want to do. You also receive support, feedback, and accountability from a dedicated group of like-minded, big-hearted therapists who want you to succeed.

How do your programs support bodywork therapists?

My programs provide crystal-clear instruction on what to do to build your business, plus personalized support showing you exactly how to do it. The goal is to love going to your office and treatment room every day, confident in your ability to deliver outstanding therapy, as well as building a profitable, successful bodywork business. Through the years, I’ve helped hundreds of bodywork practitioners go from “I don’t think I can do this,” to “my business is totally crushing it!” By the time you complete my programs, you’ll not only be rocking a thriving bodywork business—you’ll also be living your higher purpose as the therapist you were born to be.

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