Oakworks is Helping Spas Reopen

Oakworks Medical Division has collaborated with the Oakworks Spa Team to help bring its expertise in disinfecting to the new challenges facing the spa industry.

ABMP Back to School Resources Available

Bringing staff and students back to campus during the COVID-19 crisis is daunting on several fronts. There is a lot at stake in making sound, informed choices as we move forward. That’s why at we are sharing the best advice ABMP can offer at this time regarding reopening your massage and bodywork program.

The ABMP Podcast “Conversations in Quarantine” with Irene Diamond

The ABMP Podcast spoke to Irene Diamond about what MTs can do when they can’t offer hands-on work. Diamond speaks about virtual/remote services within practitioners’ scope of practice and other options for serving clients when you can’t provide therapeutic touch.

The ABMP Podcast Launches with "Conversations in Quarantine"

The ABMP Podcast launched with a signature series titled “Conversations in Quarantine.”

You can subscribe to The ABMP Podcast in the Apple Podcast Store, Google Play, Spotify, or wherever you access your favorite podcasts.

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