New Deep Tissue Webinar from Dr. Ben Benjamin: Shoulder and Knee

This new webinar from Dr. Ben Benjamin introduces palpation and hands-on techniques to support your work with two of the most commonly injured areas of the body: the shoulder and knee.

Learn to palpate key structures in the shoulder and knee with confidence as Dr. Benjamin walks you through detailed anatomy palpation techniques for both areas of the body. Deep tissue muscular therapy techniques for the shoulder and myofascial techniques for the knee will enhance your ability to treat clients with pain and injury effectively.

This webinar is a sampler of a full-day, hands-on workshop offered by The Benjamin Institute.

Recommendation: arrange to have a client present and follow along with Dr. Benjamin as he teaches anatomy palpation and hands-on techniques for the shoulder and knee!

This webinar is 83 minutes long. View the webinar here.


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