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New Course—Myofascial Techniques: Hands-On for the Hands with Til Luchau


Join Til Luchau for an engaging course in hands-on approaches for caring for our own hands and our clients’ hands, available at in the ABMP Education Center.

Drawing from the Advanced Myofascial Techniques (AMT) series, this course combines key hand concepts, dynamic anatomical graphics, hands-on technique demonstrations, and research findings. Topics include using the hand/brain connection; myofascial, articular, and interstitial approaches; touch tools for pain and local inflammation; and techniques for improving hand mobility, sensitivity, and stability.

Read Til's accompanying Massage & Bodywork magazine article, “The Hand in the Brain,” in the September/October 2020 issue.

The course is available for free for ABMP members in the ABMP Education Center. Not an ABMP member? Buy course access with CE for $30 or become an ABMP member and all your CE is included!