New CE Course: “A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Long COVID” from Ruth Werner

The new course “A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Long COVID” from Ruth Werner is now available at In this course, pathology expert Ruth Werner discusses what is currently understood about long COVID, including the pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, and treatments. Learn to use a critical thinking rubric to help identify the risks, benefits, and accommodations of massage therapy for this population of clients with long COVID.

The course is worth 1 CE hour, and is included with ABMP membership or available for purchase by nonmembers in the ABMP Education Center. Having viewed the online massage therapy CE course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the pathophysiology of long COVID.
  • List the signs and symptoms of someone who has long COVID.
  • List the treatments that may be used to help someone with long COVID.
  • Describe the critical thinking rubric a massage therapist may use to determine if they are able to safely work with a client with long COVID.
  • Identify the risks involved in working with a client with long COVID.
  • Identify the benefits involved in working with a client with long COVID.
  • Identify the appropriate accommodations involved in working with a client with long COVID.

Companion pieces to this course include the article "Unpacking the Long Haul: What You Need to Know about Massage Therapy and Long COVID" in Massage & Bodywork magazine, and the episode "Long COVID and So Much More" from the ABMP Podcast.

Ruth Werner is an award-winning educator, writer, and retired massage therapist with a passionate interest in massage therapy research and the role of bodywork for people who struggle with health. You can listen to Ruth's series "I Have a Client Who ..." on the ABMP Podcast online, or on your preferred podcast app.

Ruth's work is also featured in ABMP Pocket Pathology, the members-only app that allows massage therapists and bodyworkers to quickly and easily reference information about pathologies in order to make treatment planning decisions.

The ABMP Education Center, where ABMP members earn free CE, is home to 600+ online massage and bodywork CE courses. Nonmembers can purchase individual course access as well as multi-course packages.




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