Dissection Videos Added to ABMP Five-Minute Muscles

ABMP is excited to announce we’ve partnered with Dr. Joe Muscolino to add 83 animated illustration videos and 80 muscle-specific cadaver dissection videos to our already stellar ABMP Five-Minute Muscles program, giving massage therapists even more muscle information at their fingertips.  

Available as a benefit of ABMP membership, or for students as part of ABMP Exam Coach Plus, ABMP Five-Minute Muscles covers the seven muscle regions and 83 muscles most often addressed by professional massage therapists providing muscle actions, origins, and insertions, and more detail for each muscle. 

Muscle-specific palpation and technique videos from master massage therapist Clint Chandler already accompanied each muscle, and now the video library has been enhanced with detailed cadaver dissection and animated illustration videos that provide massage therapy professionals and students even more insight and information. 

Dr. Joe Muscolino has been a manual and movement therapy educator for more than 35 years. He is a global educator and author of multiple textbooks, including The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual and the Musculoskeletal Anatomy Coloring Book, and is a longtime contributor to Massage & Bodywork magazine. Muscolino is the owner of LearnMuscles Continuing Education (LMCE), which is home to more than 3,000 video lessons and 300 hours of CE.  

Included as part of membership, ABMP members can log in and access the program at ABMP.com/5mm. In addition, ABMP Five-Minute Muscles can easily be saved to a computer or mobile device by following the instructions within the program, allowing it to function just like an app without taking up significant device space. 

For students and schools, adding ABMP Five-Minute Muscles through ABMP Exam Coach Plus is a great way to help students with one of their biggest pain points—learning the muscles. ABMP Exam Coach Plus includes ABMP Exam Coach, ABMP Five-Minute Muscles, and a student’s first year of membership and liability insurance for $10/month for 12 months.  



Utah Proposes Rules for Lower Tiers of Massage Licensure

The proposed rules establish educational training, supervisory roles, examinations, renewal requirements, and unprofessional conduct for massage assistants and massage assistants-in-training. Express your thoughts and suggestions for how you think these massage therapy lower-licensing tiers should be regulated in Utah before December 15.

Vacancies on the Oregon Massage Board

There are two seats open to licensed massage therapists. You must be nominated by a massage organization for a vacancy, and ABMP can help nominate you. Let us know if you're interested and find out how to apply!

Massage School Programs at Risk Across the Country

The US Department of Education issued final rules on October 31 that will likely greatly impact clock-hour programs in states with minimum clock-hour requirements for licensure or certification, including massage therapy. The new rule is flawed and, if not changed, will cause devastating collateral damage to schools, instructors, students, and the public. Find out how you can advocate!



Podcast: Beyond the Physical with Angie Parris-Raney

In this episode of The ABMP Podcast, Darren speaks with Angie Parris-Raney—Chopra Center Certified in meditation and Ayurvedic lifestyle—about some of the specific mechanics of the mantra meditation.

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