ABMP Members Save on Ben Benjamin's New Online Class

Ben Benjamin and the Benjamin Institute are launching a new, online class for massage therapists and bodyworkers. “Unraveling the Mystery of Shoulder Pain Part 1: Subscapularis Injuries” will offer a live webinar or an opportunity for home-study to earn one CE hour. Plus, all registrations include 30-day access to the Benjamin Institute monthly online course subscription.

The class begins June 15, and ABMP members pay just $9 at https://benjamininstitute.com/webinars/unraveling-the-mystery-of-shoulder-pain-part-1-subscapularis-muscle-tendon-injury.

You can view additional courses from Ben Benjamin in the ABMP Education Center at www.abmp.com/ce, including the most recent, “Understanding and Treating the Four Common Rotator Cuff Injuries.”

Ben's most recent feature article "Clients Crossing Boundaries” is available in ABMP’s Massage & Bodywork magazine at http://www.massageandbodyworkdigital.com/i/1208028-march-april-2020/56.



Nevada Introduces Massage Compact Bill

The Nevada legislature introduced Senate Bill 270, the Massage Compact, in March 2023. If you believe an interstate license would benefit massage therapists, write a letter to your representatives.


Eight Reasons Why I Love Being a Massage Therapist

Love Being a Massage Therapist

Taking inspiration from a recent ABMP Facebook thread on the subject, freelance writer and LMT Cindy Williams put together a list of her top eight things she loves about being a massage therapist.


Podcast: Humbitious: Low-ego, high-drive Leadership

In this episode of The ABMP Podcast, Kristin and Darren are joined by professor and author Dr. Amer Kaissi to discuss how humility and ambition converge to make a great leader, the interesting dynamic between self-awareness and humility, and behaviors we can all learn to develop humble leadership within ourselves.

Featured ABMP Discount Partner: Milady

Raise awareness of domestic abuse, human trafficking, and practical infection control through Milady’s “Client Well-Being & Safety,” a free training available to ABMP members.

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