ABMP Exam Coach: New Year, New Features!

Your study experience is about to get more efficient in the new year with a faster version of ABMP Exam Coach, improved quiz/exam results that include correct answers, and more detailed tracking to help you monitor your progress!

Updates are happening January 17. If you already have ABMP Exam Coach, you might see a short delay after the updates are made.

If you don't have ABMP Exam Coach, you can learn more about the best MBLEx test program in the profession at www.abmp.com/examcoach.

Here is an overview of the exciting new changes:

Correct Answers Now Viewable

Example: Quiz Summary with Correct Answers


Example: Practice Exam Summary with Correct Answers

Enhanced Progress Tracking

Example: Flash cards with Progress Count

Example: Enhanced "My Activity" View

  • Bring back hidden flashcards and quiz questions
  • Last reviewed date for each topic
  • Quickly see topic quizzes taken and the number passed

Example: Enhanced Search Feature

  • Search results are divided into 2 categories: Flash cards and Terminology
  • Easily research flash card questions and terminology to better understand incorrect answers
  • Use the topic link to study a topic area further and review pronunciation

We hope you enjoy these new features of ABMP Exam Coach!



New features are good

Thanks for the updates!

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