Wyoming Massage Therapy Licensing Bill Introduced

A new bill, WY S 86, has been introduced in the Wyoming State Senate which, if passed, would require that Wyoming massage therapists hold a state professional license in order to practice.  Click here to read the bill.  The bill is currently in the initial stages of the state legislative process and may or may not become law in Wyoming. If passed, the bill would create a new Wyoming state board of massage therapy which would have duties including issuing licenses, establishing rules for continuing education, adopting a professional code of ethics, and investigating and disciplining license holders for violations. Under the bill, practitioners whose practices are limited to certain modalities listed in the bill, such as Feldenkrais, Rolfing, Trager, reiki, and shiatsu, would not be required to hold a massage license. The bill contains a grandfathering provision which would allow early applicants to qualify for a license based on either (1) 500 hours of massage education, OR (2) 300 hours of massage education plus having practiced massage for at least 3 years, average 5 hours per week, prior to the date of application, OR (3) having practiced massage for at least 5 years, average 5 hours per week, prior to the date of application.  After the grandfathering period ends, all new applicants would need to have passed a board-approved massage exam and have completed 500 hours of massage education in order to qualify for a license. ABMP is in favor of limited, reasonable state regulation of the massage profession in the interest of public safety. We do want to see a few changes in the bill and are in contact with the bill sponsor. We will keep our members apprised of developments on WY S 86 as they occur.


Minnesota Introduces Licensing Bills for Massage and Asian Bodywork Therapies

Serve the best interest of your profession and the public while ensuring ongoing competence and high standards of practice. How? Support licensing efforts in Minnesota! Write a letter to your elected officials, sharing why licensure is an important and necessary step to advance the massage therapy industry.

ABMP Advocates to Protect the Autonomy of the Arizona Massage Board

ABMP submitted written commentary to the Arizona legislature regarding House BIll 2169, which would merge the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy with the Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Board. We are opposed to this legislation and invite you to read our comments and write to your elected officials.


ABMP CE Summit: Headaches


Join us online Tuesday, April 30, 2024, for the ABMP CE Summit: Headaches, which take learners on a journey from understanding headaches to working with clients with headache pain using multiple modalities and techniques.

New CE Course: Stretching the Hip

Dr. Joe Muscolino displays a massage therapy technique.

The new ABMP CE course, “Stretching the Hip,” is available in the ABMP Education Center to view and earn 1.5 CE hours.


Podcast: Gainful Employment (and the 100% Rule)

Les Sweeney, president and CEO of ABMP, and Lance Hostetter, ABMP director of government relations, explain the 100% rule, the flaws within the rule, and the Interstate Massage Compact.

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